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Why use a Driving School

The Driving Standards Agency strongly advises that learner drivers take lessons from an Approved Driving Instructor, who works for a professional driving school or is self-employed.

There are many benefits to choosing a driving school or self-employed qualified instructor over asking a friend or relative to teach you to drive, and the main advantages are outlined below.

  • To drive safely on today’s roads needs a higher standard of competence than in years gone by because there is now more traffic on the road than ever before.
  • The standard required to pass the UK driving test has increased to reflect the changes in traffic on the road, and only a qualified instructor can keep up to date with these changes.
  • Approved Driving Instructors receive in depth training at the start of their careers as well as ongoing development training, and they are therefore in a better position than a standard driver to offer help and advice to a learner driver.
  • Instructors working for a professional driving school are more likely to offer learner drivers a personal, planned programme of tuition to help their development and remove any problems early in the learning experience.
  • Learners tend to find the whole experience less stressful when they are taught under the guidance of a qualified third party, as arguments often occur when family members or friends act as instructors. This can cause the learner to lose concentration and increases the risk of an accident.
  • Last, but certainly not least, statistics show that a learner has a 25 per cent better chance of passing their test when taught by a fully qualified instructor from a driving school.


At Begin Driving we know that learning to drive can be a tricky business and people learn at different rates, we recognise this and individually tailor our training to get students to test standard at a pace that suits them. We pride ourselves on offering quality manual and automatic driving lessons, which make learning to drive fun rather than a chore. We are a local run driving school and all our instructors receive regular updates on industry changes and Continual Professional Development (CPD) training so they are ready to implement any industry changes as they are brought into force. Give us a call on 01323 647078 to arrange your lessons.

Training with Eastbourne Driving School Begin Driving will get you motivated and mobile.


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