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Theory test

Since 1996 all candidates wanting to take a practical driving test must first pass a theory test. The theory test is made up of two parts, a multiple choice section and a hazard perception test. The multiple choice is delivered using a touch screen computer and mouse. You must answer 50 questions and get a minimum of 43 correct to pass.

With the hazard perception test your responses are recorded through the use of a computer mouse button. You must click as early as possible when you see a developing hazard with a maximum score of 5 available per hazard. There are a total of 15 developing hazards giving a possible total of 75. You must score at least 44 in order to pass this part of the test. You will need to pass both parts to successfully complete your theory test.

We offer free access to Theory Test Pro which is an online study programme that provides you with everything you need to pass your car theory test.

  • Entire official test question bank
  • Hazard perception video clips
  • Online version of the Highway Code.

You can book your theory test through the Official Gov website. Please be aware of online copy cat sites as they will charge a booking fee on top of the actual cost – you should only go through the official gov website.



Click the icon below for free access to Theory Test Pro.

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