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Theory test revision

The first part to qualifying as a full licence holder is the theory test which gives learners the knowledge of rules of the road and how to recognise every day hazards that drivers face.

Recent research by Driving Test Success found that 59% of 16-19 year old learner drivers found taking their Theory Test equally as stressful, or more stressful, than taking their GCSE and A-Level exams.

Research also highlighted that many new learners lack any basic knowledge around driving and the rules of the road. Some examples of this are – not knowing which document the police may ask them to produce if they were involved in a collision (57%); not knowing when they may overtake on the left (67%); don’t recognise the sign for two-way traffic crossing a one way street (51%); and don’t know how a vehicle will be affected driving up a steep hill (50%). One learner driver admitted they thought that windscreen washer was rain that had been collected in the bonnet !!

In today’s modern world a lot of the lack of knowledge can be put down to teenagers being pre-occupied on their mobile phones and other devices while being taxied from place to place by Mum and Dad, so they are oblivious to road signs, road rules and the general skills used in driving. What seems like it should be common sense just from being in a car isn’t obvious to today’s learners.

At Begin Driving all our new learners are given access to Theory Test Pro a fully comprehensive learning programme that is part of our standard training package. We use the programme to up learners knowledge of all aspects of driving not only for passing the theory test but throughout their learning experience so they have a good knowledge of what is required of a new driver on today’s busy and challenging roads.

Visit our website and try Theory Test Pro for an idea of the standard of knowledge required to pass a theory test.


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