The advantage of two hour driving lessons

As more changes to the practical driving test are introduced more time learning is required to reach test standard. The DSA (Driving Test Agency) and the driving Industry as a whole are committed to improving driving standards in all drivers. This is particularly important for new drivers so they have all the knowledge and skills required to cope with modern day driving and keep not only themselves but other road users safe.

Learning to drive can be a lengthy and expensive experience. Taking a one hour lesson once a week will take the best part of a year to reach the DSA’s recommended amount of tuition (45 hours) and achieve test standard. A lot of time is spent recapping the previous weeks lesson which cuts down the amount of time available to learn new skills. A more cost effective way to learn would be a two hour lesson each week this way you will have time to recap the previous lesson, learn new skills and put them into practice within one session. More information is retained this way and test standard is achieved in a shorter period of time and could cut down the number of hours required.

People who learn this way are generally more confident on the road and better equipped to handle life on the roads today. Contact Begin Driving to book your driving lessons.