Test pass rate

The current practical test pass rate is about 47% and the most common reasons for failing the test are

1.  Observations at junctions – ineffective observation and judgement.
2.  Reverse parking – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy.
3.  Use of mirrors – not checking or acting on the information.
4.  Moving away – poor observations or control when moving away.
5.  Use of signals – not given not cancelled or misleading signals.
6.  Poor positioning – at roundabouts, lanes and bends.
7.  Reversing around a corner – lack of observation or accuracy.
8.  Lack of steering control – steering to early or to late.
9.  Turn in the road – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy.
10.  Inappropriate speed – traveling to slow.

These are all basic driving skills which are taught from the very first lesson on the road and should not result in a test fail if you are up to test standard. Ask yourself are you doing things on your own and doing it correctly or are you still getting prompted or relying on your instructor to keep you safe. If you are not doing it on your own you are not ready for test.


Allan, Begin Driving