Speedometer. 60 km per hour. Vector illustration

Speeding research

More than 5% of all drivers (1.7million) exceed the speed limit on every car journey they make, according to new research from HPI.

However, considering that 72% of UK drivers don’t know the speed limit of a single carriageway road, the figures could be higher!

The study also revealed that two thirds (68%) of Brits admit to speeding on at least some of their car journeys and a quarter (28%) on at least half.

Between 4am-5am is the most likely hour for drivers to speed, whereas, not surprisingly, 4pm-5pm was found to be the least likely hour according to data from the Department for Transport, but more worryingly for vulnerable road users, the most common place for drivers to speed is in 20mph limits.

65% of speeders had been caught, usually by the use of mobile cameras.

At Begin Driving we continually remind our students that safety on the road is a responsibility that all drivers have to bear. Keep yourself safe on the road – keep others safe on the road and keep an eye on your speed – stay safe.

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