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Speeding makes up the majority of FPNs

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is an administrative alternative to prosecution before the magistrates’ court which includes a fine and in most cases penalty points too.

You will be issued a notice on the spot or through the post from the police. If you accept guilt, pay the fine or collect the points, you will avoid a court summons, but if you challenge it you will have to appear in court.

Analysis of the 2.7 million FPNs issued in the 2016/17 financial year revealed that across the UK speeding offences made up the majority of FPNs, with 2.25 million ticket issued, while 146,000 were given for driving without a licence or insurance, and 113,000 for ‘neglect of traffic signs’ (the vast proportion for jumping red lights).

Other common offences include not wearing a seat belt, (64,000 tickets), using a handheld mobile phone (98,000 FPNs) and careless driving (34,000 tickets).

At Begin Driving we continually remind our students that safety on the road is a responsibility that all drivers have to bear. Keep yourself safe on the road and keep others safe on the road – and you will avoid FPNs.

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