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Refresher lessons for older drivers

As our population grows and people live longer there is an ever increasing amount of older drivers on our roads.

The number of people aged over 90 holding a driving licence in Britain has topped 100,000 for the first time, while more than 4.5m of the 39m people holding valid driving licences are aged over 70. It has been the subject of many debates over the years as to how we tackle the increase and make sure that all drivers keep up a high standard of awareness on the road and how individual drivers can achieve or get help when required.

It is the responsibility of the licence holder to be honest about health issues that may affect there ability to drive and inform DVLA or at least seek medical advise from a doctor. Not many people would give up their driving licence willingly without first seeking advice as very often they are also giving up a large part of their independence. Some figures published in July 2016 by the independent Older Drivers Taskforce said that police records showed the risk of a driver aged over 70 killing a pedestrian was less than that of middle-age drivers, and half that of drivers up to age 25.

We all have an opinion on older drivers but a lot of surveys suggest the risks posed by them are not as high as we think. We will all have a reduced ability to judge speed and our vision, reaction times and skills will decline as we get older. It’s not easy for an individual to accept that help is needed, but it shouldn’t be so. At Begin Driving we are now offering refresher lessons for all ages of drivers there is no test and no one will take a drivers license away. We will assess the drivers ability in a range of driving skills and offer help where needed or requested. Lessons will normally be for one or two hours with the customer in charge of how many sessions they would like to complete.

If you know of someone who may benefit from a course of refresher lessons discuss it with them and get in touch and we can help. Vouchers are available for all lessons and are an ideal present for birthdays and Christmas.

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