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Taxi driver training in Eastbourne

If you’re looking to become a licenced taxi/private hire driver, we can help you through your test. We can prepare you to the highest standard and maximise your chances of passing the DVSA test first time. We can assess your driving in a range of road conditions and give you constructive feedback on the areas you need to adjust in order to be successful. Our aim is to make you a confident, responsible and safe driver in preparation for your new career as a taxi driver.

One hour taxi driver training  £30.00

The DVSA test can be booked here. It comprises of a 40 minute drive, where you will be expected to:

  • Read a registration plate from a distance of 20 metres – with the use of glasses or contact lenses if you wear them.
  • Carry out two manoeuvres (one of which will be your own choice depending on road conditions) in a safe and controlled manor with good observation and consideration for other road users and pedestrians.
  • Stop on the left side of the road on a number of occasions in a safe and convenient place, with specific emphasis on passenger safety.
  • Demonstrate a good all round awareness of other road users, plan well ahead and anticipate the actions of others.
  • Comply with the road signs and markings and show good judgement when overtaking, meeting and crossing the path of oncoming vehicles.
  • Independent driving following Sat Nav or road signs for a period of 20 minutes.
  • Answer several questions on The Highway Code, identify some traffic signs, as well as general cabology (cab-related topics such as correct tyre pressures, your main responsibilities, licence requirements etc.)

If you pass the practical test you will be offered a debrief of your drive, a copy of your test sheet, together with the pass certificate. If you are unsuccessful you will be given the offer of a debrief, together with advice on which areas you need to address, as well as a copy of your test sheet. Currently there is no limit on the number of times you can attempt the test.


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