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Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a six module training course designed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and backed by insurance companies. It is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of newly qualified drivers and broaden their driving experience. Once you’ve successfully completed the course you will usually qualify for a car insurance discount. You may even find that you recover more than the cost of the training.

The modules are:
Town driving – helps you to develop your observation, judgment and awareness on typical urban roads.
All-weather driving – teaches you how to cope with the perils of winter driving and hazardous weather conditions.
Out of town driving and rural roads – learn all about the hidden hazards in the country and develop your out of town driving skills.
Night driving – all the skills you need to drive safely at night.
Dual carriage way driving – build your confidence and skills in forward planning, observations and over taking on faster roads.
Motorway driving – develop your skills in observation, anticipation, forward planning and breakdown and safety procedures.

There is no formal test to take – you have to achieve a standard on each module. When you successfully complete the course the DVSA send you a certificate, which you will need to claim your insurance discount. Course times can be arranged to suit you and some modules will be combined and will involve more than an hour.

The total course costs £190.00
To find out more give us a call or check out the DVSA Pass Plus website.



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