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Motorway Driving

As of the 4 June 2018 learner drivers can now experience motorway driving before sitting their driving test (restrictions apply). The Learner driver must be on a driving lesson with an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) and in a car fitted with dual controls. Only pupils that are at a test ready standard will be considered for this part of training prior to test. Motorway lessons are sold as a package.

If you are not correctly prepared, your first experience of motorway driving can be a scary one, most driving organisations highly recommend that you take professional lessons to gain experience and confidence on motorways so that you are better equipped to deal safely with higher volumes of traffic traveling at up to 70mph. Begin Driving offers motorway courses for all drivers from the new driver to drivers that want to build/improve their motorway skills.

In the past ten years there has been a 37% increase in the number of vehicles using our motorway network, but statistically they remain the safest type of road within the UK, with only 3% of serious accidents and 4% of casualties taking place on them. However, 8,000 people are still killed or seriously injured on UK motorways each year (with around 250 of these happening on the hard shoulder).

A motorway course will improve your understanding, confidence, and ability to stay safe on motorways. You will learn how to:

  • join and exit motorways,
  • keep safe distances in all weathers,
  • how to overtake safely,
  • lane discipline,
  • how to understand motorway signs,
  • forward planning and anticipating the actions of other drivers,
  • use of motorway services,
  • breakdown procedure,
  • and many more skills essential to the motorway driver.
  • Smart motorways are also covered as part of the course.

The three hour motorway course costs £110.00 – to book call us on 01323 647078.

Not driven on a smart motorway? View the governments drive-through simulation:

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