New driving test 6 months on

It’s now been 6 months since the introduction of the new driving test and figures show that there has been a small reduction in the pass rate of 1.4% from 46.8% last year to 45.4%.

This however is expected to increase once candidates and instructors become more familiar with the new test and how it’s conducted. It’s interesting to see that the top five reasons why people fail a driving test have not changed.

  1. Observations at junctions
  2. Mirrors before changing direction
  3. Moving off safely (observations/indicating)
  4. Control when steering
  5. Turning right at junctions

These faults have been in the top 5-10 reasons for test fails for a long time with a survey of test results taken back in 2004 showing the above faults featuring in the top 10 with 5 of the top 6 faults down to observations.

There are many different reasons why candidates fail a driving test from nerves on the day or being over cautious or over confident to not being prepared to the standard required. At Begin Driving we continually strive to keep our teaching to a high standard and monitor the industry figures to help us improve our customers chances of being successful on test.

If you are close to taking a driving test make sure you are prepared and take note of the top reasons why people fail, it’s not hard to look around or look in mirrors, it’s a basic skill we all use to keep ourselves safe on the road. It is important to continually plan ahead and read the road so you can react safely to situations developing around you.


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