Learner drivers warned about extra charges

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) have finally started to warn learner drivers about copycat websites that offer to book theory and driving tests. These sites can charge large booking fees over and above the cost of a theory or practical test, they also offer ‘pass protection’ with the promise of a free re-test – something that very few customers would qualify for. These extras are expensive.

You should only book theory and practical tests through the DSA official website (see links below). Currently a car theory test costs £31.00 and a practical test costs £62.00 (prices correct as of September 2013).

The DSA have taken action to make sure copycat websites don’t use official logos, trademarks or misleading claims, and they continue to work with the Trading Standards and Advertising Standards Authority to monitor the activities of these sites. If you feel that you have been scammed by a copycat website or an unofficial website you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau to discuss any options open to you.

These sites are not restricted to the booking of driving tests they can operate in any field – so don’t get scammed only use the official websites. Please be assured that all the booking links on the Begin Driving website take you directly to the DSA official website.