The government plans to crack down on those who drive while under the influence of drugs

Legislation unveiled in the Queen’s Speech will create a specific drug driving offence. Currently police have to demonstrate that driving had been impaired by drugs in order to prosecute. Under the proposed legislation it will automatically be an offence to drive a motor vehicle if you have certain controlled drugs in your body in excess […]

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Is the price of driving lessons an important factor when looking for a good driving instructor?

A busy driving instructor is busy for a reason..they’re good at their job! A fully qualified, experienced, driving instructor is also more likely to cost less overall even if their hourly rate for driving lessons seems a bit higher than the “special offers” and “bargain deals” you find advertised in local newspapers or via flyers […]

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Drivers urged to think biker

A £1.2 million THINK! campaign urging drivers to see the person behind the motorcycle helmet was launched today by Road Safety Minister Mike Penning. The TV adverts will show bikers with flashing neon signs attached to their bikes. The signs show the rider’s name and information about them such as ‘shy retiring type’ or ‘new […]

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driving licence

Bye Bye to driving licence counterpart and Insurance certificate

As a result of the Road Transport Red Tape Challenge the government wide process to get rid of unnecessary, burdensome and overcomplicated regulation – the Department for Transport is: Scrapping the regulation requiring motorists to hold a paper counterpart to their driving licence by 2015 – saving drivers up to £8m. Improving the regulation surrounding […]

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