Hazard perception test wins road safety award

A national road safety group has awarded recognition for the role hazard perception plays in reducing accidents and its potential to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads.

The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award has been welcomed by DVSA Chief Executive Alastair Peoples, who said:

“I am extremely pleased that the hazard perception test and its contribution to road safety have been recognised in this way. The theory test plays a vital role in making sure that new drivers know the Highway Code and the rules of the road, helping them to drive safely and responsibly and making our roads safer.”

In our role as a Driving School it is vital that we recognise the importance of hazard perception and use it as an integral part of our training programme. At Begin Driving we have introduced Theory Test Pro as a training aid for all our students, the feed back we have received from them has been very positive and we can see an improvement of their understanding of road safety coming through in their driving lessons. We are delighted that hazard perception has received recognition as research has show that hazard perception training and testing could count for an 11 per cent reduction in accidents on Britain’s roads.


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