driving whilst using a mobile phone

Drivers and mobile phones

In recent months I have been shocked at the amount of drivers using mobile phones whilst driving a vehicle on the the move, in queuing traffic, negotiating junctions and many other circumstances.

Not only making phone calls but texting or just holding the mobile phone in plain view. They vary from car drivers to truck drivers, cyclists, van drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers and many more. There is no specific group of people or age of drivers blatantly breaking the law by using mobile phones whilst in charge of a vehicle.

A few days ago I witnessed a driver on a 40mph dual carriageway weaving between lanes almost crashing into other vehicles on several occasions before negotiating a roundabout at speed and still using a mobile phone. On another occasion a mother, with a young child in the car, using her phone in queuing traffic on the school run and another driver talking on a mobile phone with a young child passenger holding the phone to the drivers ear.

I walked the school run recently and in a space of 100m there was an astonishing number of drivers using mobile phones, 8 in total, what an absolute display of stupidity. If caught, you would receive a fixed penalty of £100 and three points on your licence but more than that you are at risk of causing an accident.

Latest statistics show a sharp increase in the number of accidents being directly attributed to the use of mobile phones. Take a look at the video attached to this blog and after watching it if you still think it’s acceptable to use a mobile phone whilst driving then seriously think about handing your licence in and using public transport!


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