mobile phone usage

Crackdown on Mobile phone use

It is already an offence to use a mobile phone while behind the wheel as research has shown a 50% reduction in reaction times.

The government are now taking a further step to combat the prolific use of mobile phones by drivers in the wake of some high profile cases, including a driver that killed a mother and three children while using his phone. He is now serving a ten year prison sentence!

Currently, if you are caught using a mobile phone while driving, you can expect three points on your licence and a £100 pound fine. The new law will see these penalties doubled with six points handed out and a fine of £200. The new law is especially important for new drivers who currently only need to amass six points within their first two years of driving before their licences are revoked – under the new law, being caught using a mobile just once could mean having to sit the driving test again!

The new law comes into effect 1st MARCH 2017 you have been warned the call can wait the law will not.

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