Common reasons for failing the practical drving test

The current pass rate is only 43%

For first time candidates it is even lower. to help you avoid the most common pitfalls here is a list of the top ten reasons why people fail…

  1. Observations at junctions – ineffective observations and judgement
  2. Reverse parking – ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
  3. Use of mirrors – not checking or not acting on the information
  4. Reversing around a corner – ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
  5. Incorrect use of signals – not cancelling or giving misleading signals
  6. Moving away safely – ineffective observation
  7. Incorrect positioning on the road – at roundabouts or on bends
  8. Lack of steering control – steering too early or leaving it too late
  9. Incorrect positioning to turn right – at junctions and in one way streets
  10. Inappropriate speed – travelling too slowly or being hesitant

A few other reasons are… approaching junctions from minor road to major road too fast, coming to stop over white lines, hitting the curb when reversing around a corner, crossing your hands when turning the steering wheel, letting the wheel spin back after a turn, driving with one of your hands off the steering wheel for any longer than it needs to be. Also, being in the wrong gear when pulling away and using the gears to slow down rather than the breaks.

Learning to drive can be a tricky business – but Begin Driving is here to help. People learn at different rates and we recognise this and individually tailor our training to get you to test standard at a pace that suits you. With a higher than average pass rate you can be sure of the best possible tuition and that you will be fully prepared when you are put forward for your test.

We pride ourselves on offering good value lessons, which make learning to drive fun rather than a chore. Features include: full one or two hour lessons, no car sharing, a comprehensive training record so we can track your progress and ongoing help with theory training. Give us a call on 01323 647078 or 07973 156196 for further information.

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