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Check your eyesight regularly!

Check you meet the minimum eyesight requirements with DVLA’s number plate test

Good eyesight is a must when it comes to safe driving. As drivers, we’ve got to be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres. That’s the minimum eyesight standard. 20 metres is about five car lengths or eight parking bays. So, before your next drive, check whether you still meet the standard – if not it may be time to get your eyes checked!

There’s a step by step guide on GOV.UK to the driving eyesight rules, including the minimum requirements for lorry and bus drivers on your clarity of vision and horizontal visual field.

If you’ve got any problems with your eyesight, you must let DVLA know.

There’s an A to Z guide on GOV.UK to reporting health conditions which may affect your driving.


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