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driving whilst using a mobile phone

Drivers and mobile phones

In recent months I have been shocked at the amount of drivers using mobile phones whilst driving a vehicle on the the move, in queuing traffic, negotiating junctions and many other circumstances. Not only making phone calls but texting or just holding the mobile phone in plain view. They vary from car drivers to truck […]

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underage driving

Shocking facts about children behind the wheel

Recent research has highlighted the shocking facts about children being prosecuted for dangerous driving. Every week a child is prosecuted for dangerous driving with at least 66 minors being convicted in 2015. Despite not being legally old enough to drive, at least 12 children were convicted of DR10, ‘driving or attempting to drive with alcohol […]

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Begin Driving Team attended MSA meeting

In February we attended a Motor Schools Association (MSA) meeting at Chandlers BMW in Hailsham. The meeting focused on industry changes and the standards check. Some good points were raised throughout the evening and a few grey areas were cleared up with input from different instructors attending. The staff at Chandlers put on a great […]

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Happy Christmas everyone

The festive season is upon us once more so we would like to wish all our customers past, present and future a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Begin Driving has had a great year continuing to expand and develop and we hope to continue this trend into 2016 by covering Bexhill and […]

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Test pass rate

The current practical test pass rate is about 47% and the most common reasons for failing the test are 1.  Observations at junctions – ineffective observation and judgement. 2.  Reverse parking – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy. 3.  Use of mirrors – not checking or acting on the information. 4.  Moving away – poor […]

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