Begin Driving Team attended MSA meeting

In February we attended a Motor Schools Association (MSA) meeting at Chandlers BMW in Hailsham.

The meeting focused on industry changes and the standards check. Some good points were raised throughout the evening and a few grey areas were cleared up with input from different instructors attending. The staff at Chandlers put on a great buffet and made us feel very welcome and explained the latest lease deals they had available, many thanks to all.

The meeting finished with a first aid session aimed at road traffic accident related injuries, which for me was the highlight of the evening, with very simple life saving techniques being explained and demonstrated.

We will be attending other such meetings throughout the year as part of our continuing professional development (CPD) programme. At Begin Driving we are committed to improving our knowledge and personal skills so we can deliver a more focused and rounded package to our customers.

Many thanks to Bill and Jon for there input during the meeting.




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