80th anniversary of introduction of the driving test

The 1st of June marks the 80th anniversary of the introduction of the driving test and since then millions of us have passed the test.

The year the test was introduced the average cost of a small car was £149 and the cost of a test was the equivalent of 40 pence. The introduction of the driving test was part of the drive to reduce road deaths across the UK which back then were around 7,000 deaths per year and 80 years later that figure has been significantly reduced with records showing 2014 with the lowest amount of deaths on our roads ever.

The driving test is always changing and trials to change it further are taking place now. In 2013 to 2014 DVSA figures show that the average pass rate was 47.1%. The lowest pass rates were recorded in London, Birmingham, Leeds, and Luton. Some of the highest pass rates were on the islands off the west coast of Scotland, where on the Isle of Mull 8 out of 10 candidates passed, but the highest pass rate was recorded in England at the Kendal test centre in the Lake District with a 70.8% success rate.

If you are preparing for your driving test make sure you drive the way your driving instructor has taught you and remember the test is the beginning of your learning experience not the end. If you fail at the first attempt don’t give up, spare a thought for the record amount of attempts to pass which is held by a man who passed his test at the 36th attempt.

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